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Welcome to the “Gay parenting in France”

    All people are different but all of us deserve to be happy.
    We are glad to see each member here. People are so different; all of us live different lives but still something unites everybody who is here. Love and family unites all people independently from all social and individual factors. Gay parenting in France units all gay men and gay couples all over the country. Here you can meet single gay guy who is searching for his second half, who is willing to have a family, partner and child, married gay couple which can give you good advice concerning gay parenting, gay men who are willing to become dads, just friends with whom you can discuss different themes concerning all family things (gay adoption, gay parenthood in general, gay parenting pros and cons, gay surrogacy, kids of gay parents, same sex parenting etc.). Especially for married gays couples with children and for those who are on the way to create a family, for those who are willing to become fathers we created, convenient, warm and cozy place where each of you will feel himself as at home independently from interests, hobby, habits, religion etc. It is place where you can find everything what you need where you can find good advice, support and understanding.
    Here we provide support and information concerning gay parenting through surrogacy and all other possible ways for gay parenting (adoption for gays, gay foster care). We have individual approach for each member and for each situation. On the site you can find live gay chat, forum which is divided into different blocks. This is a constant moving forum - where you can talk about whatever you want. Also you will have ability to meet someone for real local gay date in France.


    There are just a few simple rules which are easy to follow:
•    Do not post anything that is illegal.
•    Spamming and repeat message threads will not be tolerated.
•    Respect each other.  Offensive language and materials will result in a permanent ban.

    We are happy people to live in such country as France. France belongs to the top 20 gay – friendly countries. France belongs to the countries where gay marriages were legalized. It had happened in 2013, all of us remember that. Also gay families were allowed to have children. Gay adoption in France was legalized as well. It is a big progress, big step and chance which allows all gay men all over the country to be happy gay dads and gives us ability to create full families. A lot of same sex couples all over the world dream about children but not always there is ability to become dads. In many countries it is impossible to create a full family for gay couple; there is no single chance to make your relations official and no single chance to take your baby into your hands because same sex parenting is not allowed in many countries. But here in France, you can be a father and can feel all happiness of gay parenthood.  It is country without limits in love. That is why our country is called the most romantic and our language is language of love. We should appreciate what we have because wait so long to have this freedom.